Rod Slane’s passion is exploring the power that music and sound has to create healing emotion and connection with one’s inner-self. He has spent much of his professional career studying the brain’s response to sound waves in the form of harmonics. This exploration started In his youth, tinkering with electronics, and progressed to learning to play a variety of very diverse instruments, from trumpet, drums and piano to Tambura, wooden Shakuhachi flutes, and later to  Tibetan singing bowls and Sitar.  This interest in how sounds are composed and perceived around the world has followed Slane’s interest in various musical styles from rock, jazz and classical, ultimately leading him to the solace of therapeutic meditative music.

Raised in Oklahoma, Rod began his musical career with piano lessons at age 9. After the “British Invasion” in 62’ Rod switched to drums and then to guitar. He began composing his own musical material at the age of 13 following the divorce of his parents. “it was a very emotional time for myself and my younger brother, and we both found solace by playing music in bands together”.  

After graduating from high school, Rod continued to  venture out on his own musically. In the early 70’s, he began composing and recording with 2 and 4 track recorders, utilizing a new found love of combining acoustic instruments with electronic synthesizers to produce a new style of music that many, at the time, labeled “New Age”. Eventually piano became Rod’s choice for composing and he spent 25 years creating music for commercials, films and television projects. “I truly love the feeling of sitting at the piano and allowing the beauty of the harmonics to guide me in a new piece. This process of “creating from the heart” led to some of my most profound work.”


After being schooled in orchestration Rod soon was conducting string sections, Horns and entire ensembles, doing recording sessions in the state-of-the-art studio facility that he designed and built.  In the studio, Rod composed music for many award-winning documentaries and commercials, as well as creating a production music library marketed under the name Musipak Production Music Library.  The entire library was ultimately sold, and became the first volumes of the Sound Ideas music library out of Toronto.

Recently, Rod has been creating types of music that induce relaxation and meditation through lowering brainwave frequencies and causing inner-connection to one's self. “Ultimately, I wish to find ways to create a peaceful planet through sounds and music...the universal language”  Rod has been for the past 15 years doing exactly that with the creation of clinical music programs that are used in drug and alcohol rehab, hospital surgical rooms and health & wellness spas worldwide.  “I feel privileged to provide people with tools that will lower stress, reduce anger, and promote inner peace, so that they might have the opportunity to enjoy the human experience to its fullest.”

Today, Rod keeps busy by creating new music and sound therapies, composing music for a theatrical music show, and producing films and videos that help raise awareness about minimizing our human footprint on the planet.   He works mostly from his studio nestled in the crystal mountains of the Ozarks. Rod spends a great deal of his time with wife Jill.  “Each day I am reminded of the “Sting” song “A Thousand Years” - having found the person whom I have been connected to for many lifetimes. Being reunited with my twin flame is a remarkable existence. And now we are together in love for this life. I am the lucky one.”


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My new focus has been developing music that builds a new conscious environment.  Music that inherently transmits peaceful, positive, healing energy. I use instruments that emit soft sine waves. Whether I am playing a flute, guitar, piano or percussion, I play more quietly. The most important factor is that conscious intention is the catalyst in the action of composing and performing my music.

The way I see it...If through music, one can find a way to the heart intelligence, and lead the mind to ones inner-self, wellness ensues.  I am convinced that the vibrational energy environment must be changed to nourish healthy, cell building activity of the body.  What does this mean?  Take a gas leak for instance:  gas is an invisible toxic, substance that can kill an animal, including humans in just a few minutes because it can go undetected. In fact natural gas and propane gas have an additive that adds a pungent smell so leaks can be detected.  My point is, that any invisible energy that goes undetected because of lack of awareness can de-gradate and eventually cause dis-ease.

Becoming aware of ones self and understanding the vibrational energy environment around you can cause the most profound positive changes in your wellbeing.  This vibrational energy environment has been the focus and study of my work for the past 15 years, and is still my goal is to have as many people as possible experience the feeling of solace.  The meditative mind experience can tap into the virtual self, changing the way one thinks, openingones access to produce their own natural neural chemicals necessary for mind / body balance and wellbeing.  Ultimately, this translates to better health and longevity.  

Prevention... not treatment.     As Richard Gerber wrote in his 60’s book, Vibrational Medicine,  “this may well be the future of medicine.”

The Future is Now!