the music

Space  2014

Some years ago, I was commissioned to create a music score for a NASA film series on space explorationl. What I discovered while composing the music was just how minimal the actual compositions needed to be.  With this project, my interest in another form of “space” emerged and became the catalyst for much of my music today.  The sacred space that exists when deep in meditation is recreated in the space between the notes. The space between the harmonics. The space between the listener and composer...that which exists, unseen, unheard in and around all things.

opening windows

is a creation of pure love in gratitude for the paths that open as one uses the spirit of the meditative practice. As though you are opening a window and allowing in the beautiful sounds,  surrender to the new paths that create a joyous, peaceful experience.

p e a c e


Master composer Rod Slane has created these tracks to promote a quiet,

meditative music in your space.

The extra-long compositions use meticulously recorded nature sounds, combined with the healing harmony of Slane’s gentle, ambient musical style to calm the chaotic thought process, creating a sense of peace in the environment, and in the soul.